About BandaBou

Bandabou covers about 1/3 of the island of Curacao, while about 10% of the population lives there. That means plenty of space for residents and vacationers. Space that is completed by the different villages and beaches where you can enjoy your daily groceries and fresh fish. There are also several conservation areas such as Boca Shete and the Christoffel park.

Bandabou has more than 20 beaches and coves with clear blue water and the most beautiful sunsets. But there is also a large variety of flora and fauna can be found such as the Kadushi cactus that looks like a tree with thousands of spines. You can look for the Blenchi with its green feathers or what about the Divi Divi tree that always points to the West?







There are also different plantations with their country houses open to the public. These houses are often still in the original state (late 19th century). Some country houses to visit are Knip, Daniel and Savonet. Two special country houses are country house Groot Santa Martha (located in the village of Soto) where mentally handicapped people show you all about the working and the living in the 19th century. Another special country house is Dokterstuin (located between the villages Tera Kora and Barber), where you can use a traditional Kriyoyo meal on Sunday afternoon.